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Sport meets business

LLOYD launches into the spring/summer season 2018 with exciting trends for the ladies

Learn more June, 2017

Sport meets business

Sulingen, June 2017. Sneakers have been and still are an important element of footwear fashion. Not just because they can be fashionably and flexibly coordinated, but they can also hardly be beaten where comfort is concerned. To extend this idea, LLOYD presents models combining the sports character with a business shoe in the spring/summer collection. "The small gents' shoe" gleams in various surface structures and with eye-catching details. Apart from this, innovative sneaker models play a significant role. Season-independent styles like light Chelsea, ankle or desert boots are just as much a part of the collection as stylish courts, classic ballerinas and summer must-haves like mules or sandals.

Athleisure: sports on the move in everyday business

The casual business trend has long since established itself in the fashion world. The office outfit takes on a more relaxed look with flats like ballerinas, lace-ups, loafers and sneakers and is also marked by comfort without discarding the fashionable aspect. New sole developments and profiles set highlights in form and design. Comfort is the new luxury – perfect fit, coupled with comfortable finishing like cushioning for the ball of the foot, soft-impact inner soles and lightweight microcellular outsoles all blend with a passion for design.

Fresh colours team up with unusual surfaces

Style and material mix set the tone for the spring/summer collection. From various types of leather finishing and surface structures like snake prints through to white hand-dyed crust leather: the new collection not only optically promises fashion expertise, but also craftsmanship. The colour spectrum is widely faceted: gleaming satin-like shades in powdery rosé, beige, milky white, subtle lion-prints, metallic shining surfaces, delicate gold and rosé tones and robust gunmetal. Added to these are pastel grey, denim, earthy shades like cognac and taupe, trendy saffron, red, green nuances, animal prints, metallic hues and of course classic black.

Exciting aspects are set by playful details inspired by the 60s and 70s like beads, bows, fringes and velour themes. LLOYD thus presents itself as the perfect partner for spring and summer 2018.

Even though the latest LLOYD collection for ladies is so varied, all models do have something in common: high-class design, masterful finishing and the unmistakable red stripe in the heel. This combination of design, quality and comfort allows every woman to relax and be herself, to feel fashionable and inspired.


LLOYD shoes – at close quarters

Shoe producer launches ShoeViewer app and shows selected models in 3D

Learn more June, 2017

LLOYD shoes – at close quarters

Sulingen, June 2017. On time to roll out the new season, LLOYD is offering retailers and customers the chance to view models in 3D in the new editions of "the lloyd magazine", the stock catalogue and in published advertisements. With the new LLOYD ShoeViewer app the shoes can be viewed close up with each small detail becoming visible. The app can be obtained free of charge from the end of June in the Apple App Store and at Google Play.

"We are delighted to be able to show digital-age consumers our products in this way so that the shoes look deceptively real. The image resembles the shoes so much that you think you are holding them in your hands," Andreas Schaller, managing director of LLOYD describes the further development of product presentation with enthusiasm. "It is important for end customers to see each model for themselves with exact details in order to influence a possible buying decision positively. No questions remain unanswered, be this with regard to the nature of the shoe inside or which sole has been used," Schaller emphasises. "Specialist dealers also benefit from the new presentation as the stock catalogue offers a considerably more exact picture of the models than it did previously," Schaller continues optimistically.

After successfully downloading and opening the app on a smartphone or tablet, the pages in the magazine or catalogue marked by a special icon can be scanned. The shoes then appear as deceptively real 3D models in the LLOYD ShoeViewer. The app, that has been produced in collaboration with Scanblue Engineering AG and the agency Saint Elmo’s Hamburg, gives users the option of displaying information about the shoes depicted as well as viewing the shoes themselves. "In future, we are planning on extending the app's functions with the objective of providing our dealers and customers with even better service. That's why a download pays off in every case," Andreas Schaller confirms.

Anyone interested can gain direct access to the desired app store using the link


LLOYD is presenting its gents' collection for spring/summer 2018 not only at Panorama and MICAM, but also at Gallery SHOES in Düsseldorf.

Learn more April, 2017


Sulingen, April 2017. LLOYD is presenting its gents' collection for spring/summer 2018 not only at Panorama and MICAM, but also at Gallery SHOES in Düsseldorf.

The Sulingen-based shoemaker will be exhibiting with a totally new trade-fair concept as compared to GDS, this time on 150 m². The spotlight here will be on the spring/summer collection. In addition, the company will be unveiling a number of path-breaking innovations aside from the collection.

"After we had to bid farewell to GDS after so many years, we are now looking forward to the new up-to-date concept and the reaction of specialist dealers to the new trade-fair concept," is how Andreas Schaller eagerly awaits the première of Gallery SHOES. "We firmly expect that the trade will take the opportunity in this difficult phase to gain inspiration from the ideas of producers and to exploit the occasion to enter into numerous discussions. In this way, interest in shoes can again be boosted," Schaller continues.

LLOYD relaunch with new partner in Asia

Kingwood takes over distribution for China

Learn more February, 2016

LLOYD relaunch with new partner in Asia

Sulingen, February 2016. Footwear for the Middle Kingdom – at the end of January, LLOYD completed the relaunch of its quality men’s and women’s designs and from now on will be represented in China by Kingwood. The manufacturer of premium shoes recently signed a ten-year contract with the leading distributor.As part of the ongoing internationalisation of the company, LLOYD attaches high priority to the Chinese market. “China has a high market volume at its disposal and offers us attractive growth potential. We are highly delighted to be promoting this new strategic orientation on the Asian market in cooperation with Kingwood," commented Andreas Schaller, CEO LLOYD.

Kingwood was founded in 2001, and boasts over 15 years of relevant expertise in the distribution of quality European brands of footwear on the Chinese market. LLOYD’s focus is on the relaunch of its men’s and women’s collections. In addition, it is LLOYD'S goal to establish a sustainable network in China. To achieve this, Kingwood will be opening concept stores for LLOYD and establishing selected area partnerships.


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