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LLOYD presents Bar Refaeli as a testimonial

From February, the footwear manufacturer will be showing the Israeli top model in an advertising drive for ladies' shoes.

Learn more January, 2019

LLOYD presents Bar Refaeli as a testimonial

Sulingen, January 2019. From February, the footwear manufacturer will be showing the Israeli top model in an advertising drive for ladies' shoes. To launch the season, Bar Refaeli will be appearing on POS materials at specialist retail stores and in LLOYD's own stores plus on the cover of the customer magazine. In addition, posts on social media channels with Bar Refaeli and her favourite LLOYD models will follow.

The popular mother of two also contributed to designing three shoe models for the autumn/winter season currently in the shops. She teamed up with project management to add her own personal touch to the shoes.

LLOYD is definitely able to benefit from the top model's 2.7 million followers on Instagram: awareness for the brand and the ladies' shoes are in this way both truly boosted .

“In Bar Refaeli, we are delighted to have attracted a model for the label who is authentic and credible to stand for the LLOYD brand's attributes,” confirmed Managing Director, Andreas Schaller, who is responsible for the divisions of sales, marketing and retail.

LLOYD Shoes presents innovative store concept in China

The Sulinger shoe manufacturer opens two new LLOYD Concept Stores in Beijing under the aegis of the partner LLOYD China LTD.

Learn more August, 2017

LLOYD Shoes presents innovative store concept in China

Sulingen, August 2017. The Sulinger shoe manufacturer opens two new LLOYD Concept Stores in Beijing under the aegis of the partner LLOYD China LTD.

With the restart in China carried out this year, LLOYD wants to build on past achievements and pursue an ambitious growth scenario in the coming years.

The special feature in the two stores is the automatic storage system, adapted from technology by the Sulingen shoe manufacturer, which added an automated outer box warehouse to its logistics a few years ago.

The store’s fully automated storage system is located behind a glass wall within the sales rooms and is thereby visible to the customers. With expert advice from a sales staff member, the customer looks for his model of choice, which is then called up in the storage area by means of a tablet. After that, it is automatically issued from the storage area to the staff member or directly to the customer. In so doing, sales team and technology interact optimally with each other, without the consultation being interrupted by the walk to the storage area. In addition, the customer is witness to a new, unique shopping experience.

The modern service concept continues until the purchase is complete: the customer has the option of paying via “WeChat” with his or her own smartphone and of having the goods delivered directly to his or her home, if so desired. LLOYD is learning important lessons in China with mobile payment handling, which is certain to play a decisive role in Europe in future, too.     

“The new store concept is innovative, even for China, and shows that LLOYD thinks one step ahead also in technical terms. This inspires the shopping mall managers and the customers alike,” says Andreas Schaller with a smile. “There’s a video on the LLOYD YouTube channel under that illustrates the automated warehouse’s functionality well,” the company’s managing director adds.

The shoe manufacturer is planning another store opening under the same principle this year as well as a mobile pop-up store for malls, airports and train stations for the year 2018.

LLOYD gents' collection S/S 2018

From casual to business – the shoe manufacturer LLOYD is launching the S/S season 2018 with exciting trends

Learn more June, 2017

LLOYD gents' collection S/S 2018

Setting trends with the casual look

Comfortable, casual, trend-conscious and functional: these are the demands on the new gents' collection S/S 2018. With this, the traditional LLOYD label follows the Athleisure trend and relies here mainly on the new shapes and colours as well as a variety of materials. In the X-Motion series, innovative new ideas await the shoe enthusiast. At the same time, daily business cannot be imagined without the casual look; informal materials and colour combinations are consequently an absolute must. Apart from the sporty aspect, the Smart Business series forms part of the collection, a major eye-catcher in spring 2018.

Innovation meets comfort

The already well-established LLOYD X-Motion is being further developed thanks to continual innovation. Newly developed sole shaft technologies, lightness, flexibility and optimum comfort are guaranteed in both the sports and casual lines. Multifaceted types of leather in combination with unusual embossing and hand-finished patent grades lend the X-Motion series that certain something. The sports casuals form an absolute highlight in the 2018 spring/summer collection with a 3-component undersole, a Strobel construction intended to ensure flexibility and a removable high-tech insole.

What's important is the mix

The high-class Smart Business series impresses with clear, purist cuts, masculine last shapes and expressive leathers. Features of this line are various new developments for soles plus particularly good wearing comfort during everyday business. The hand-crafting skill makes each shoe high-class and gives it an unmistakable appearance.

Attention is drawn by short desert boots and thrilling Chelsea boots. These versatile all-rounders come in a wealth of last shapes and style-conscious material combinations. Colour-accentuated inserts, unusual lining materials and the artistic use of airbrush techniques during finishing give these shoes a summery look.

The trends for the new collection in 2018 are clearly defined with fresh colours and innovative shapes. The summery colour spectrum unleashes a wide variety of options for combinations. From pastels and nude shades, wood and mud colours through to the classic hues of blue, LLOYD promises to be the style-confident partner for spring and summer 2018.

Sport meets business

LLOYD launches into the spring/summer season 2018 with exciting trends for the ladies

Learn more June, 2017

Sport meets business

Sulingen, June 2017. Sneakers have been and still are an important element of footwear fashion. Not just because they can be fashionably and flexibly coordinated, but they can also hardly be beaten where comfort is concerned. To extend this idea, LLOYD presents models combining the sports character with a business shoe in the spring/summer collection. "The small gents' shoe" gleams in various surface structures and with eye-catching details. Apart from this, innovative sneaker models play a significant role. Season-independent styles like light Chelsea, ankle or desert boots are just as much a part of the collection as stylish courts, classic ballerinas and summer must-haves like mules or sandals.

Athleisure: sports on the move in everyday business

The casual business trend has long since established itself in the fashion world. The office outfit takes on a more relaxed look with flats like ballerinas, lace-ups, loafers and sneakers and is also marked by comfort without discarding the fashionable aspect. New sole developments and profiles set highlights in form and design. Comfort is the new luxury – perfect fit, coupled with comfortable finishing like cushioning for the ball of the foot, soft-impact inner soles and lightweight microcellular outsoles all blend with a passion for design.

Fresh colours team up with unusual surfaces

Style and material mix set the tone for the spring/summer collection. From various types of leather finishing and surface structures like snake prints through to white hand-dyed crust leather: the new collection not only optically promises fashion expertise, but also craftsmanship. The colour spectrum is widely faceted: gleaming satin-like shades in powdery rosé, beige, milky white, subtle lion-prints, metallic shining surfaces, delicate gold and rosé tones and robust gunmetal. Added to these are pastel grey, denim, earthy shades like cognac and taupe, trendy saffron, red, green nuances, animal prints, metallic hues and of course classic black.

Exciting aspects are set by playful details inspired by the 60s and 70s like beads, bows, fringes and velour themes. LLOYD thus presents itself as the perfect partner for spring and summer 2018.

Even though the latest LLOYD collection for ladies is so varied, all models do have something in common: high-class design, masterful finishing and the unmistakable red stripe in the heel. This combination of design, quality and comfort allows every woman to relax and be herself, to feel fashionable and inspired.


LLOYD shoes – at close quarters

Shoe producer launches ShoeViewer app and shows selected models in 3D

Learn more June, 2017

LLOYD shoes – at close quarters

Sulingen, June 2017. On time to roll out the new season, LLOYD is offering retailers and customers the chance to view models in 3D in the new editions of "the lloyd magazine", the stock catalogue and in published advertisements. With the new LLOYD ShoeViewer app the shoes can be viewed close up with each small detail becoming visible. The app can be obtained free of charge from the end of June in the Apple App Store and at Google Play.

"We are delighted to be able to show digital-age consumers our products in this way so that the shoes look deceptively real. The image resembles the shoes so much that you think you are holding them in your hands," Andreas Schaller, managing director of LLOYD describes the further development of product presentation with enthusiasm. "It is important for end customers to see each model for themselves with exact details in order to influence a possible buying decision positively. No questions remain unanswered, be this with regard to the nature of the shoe inside or which sole has been used," Schaller emphasises. "Specialist dealers also benefit from the new presentation as the stock catalogue offers a considerably more exact picture of the models than it did previously," Schaller continues optimistically.

After successfully downloading and opening the app on a smartphone or tablet, the pages in the magazine or catalogue marked by a special icon can be scanned. The shoes then appear as deceptively real 3D models in the LLOYD ShoeViewer. The app, that has been produced in collaboration with Scanblue Engineering AG and the agency Saint Elmo’s Hamburg, gives users the option of displaying information about the shoes depicted as well as viewing the shoes themselves. "In future, we are planning on extending the app's functions with the objective of providing our dealers and customers with even better service. That's why a download pays off in every case," Andreas Schaller confirms.

Anyone interested can gain direct access to the desired app store using the link


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