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Membership conditions, Germany [as of 01 September 2018]

1 Membership of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY and area of validity

LLOYD Shoes GmbH, Hans-Hermann-Meyer-Str. 1, 27232 Sulingen, Germany (“LLOYD” or “we”) runs the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY (below also “customer loyalty programme”). You may become a member if you accept these membership conditions during your registration process. You can either register online at or by filling out and signing an application form in our LLOYD Concept Stores or LLOYD Factory Outlets. Your membership will start when you send (online) or submit (in person) your fully completed application form.

You can join our customer loyalty programme free of charge if you are 18 years old or over and your place of residence is in Germany. Only one membership per person is permitted which is not transferable.

We concede all the benefits, offers and content of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY voluntarily and exclusively on the basis of these membership conditions and only on the website operated by us with integrated Online Store and in the brick and mortar LLOYD Concept Stores and LLOYD Factory Outlets, of which an updated list is provided in the Store Locator on our website. We retain the right to alter the benefits, offers and content of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY, including granting Shoe Points, during the course of your membership, with effect for the future.

2 Benefits, offers and content of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY

Your membership of the customer loyalty programme currently offers the following exclusive benefits:

Your welcome gift

As a way of thanking you for registering with our RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY, we credit 100 Shoe Points (for more information on Shoe Points, please refer to item 3) to your customer account.

Your birthday gift

As a member of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY, you receive 100 Shoe Points (please refer to item 3) on your birthday, which are automatically credited to your customer account.

Exclusive offers and invitations

On the basis of the information stored in our customer database, you benefit from exclusive offers and product recommendations via newsletters, as well as invitations to special campaigns or events -online or in person at your preferred LLOYD Concept Store. We also keep you up-to-date about the latest LLOYD collections. Depending on the event in question, you may have to sign up separately in order to be able to join the event. The invitation itself is neither an entry ticket nor binding permission to join the event in question.

Your LLOYD magazine

You will regularly receive the latest seasonal edition of the LLOYD magazine (currently twice a year) - by post or e-mail - which contains information about current collection and lifestyle trends and offers you insights into the LLOYD company history.

3 Your RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY customer account and our Shoe Points bonus system

Your membership is free of charge and is offered whether or not you make a purchase.

Setup and account management

After registering with the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY, each member obtains access to their personal customer account. You are responsible for ensuring that the information that you provide to LLOYD is correct and complete, and that you inform LLOYD regarding any changes to the information granted. After you have set up your account, giving your personal password, you can manage your data online. You can also create your individual wishlist in your virtual shoe cupboard under and check the availability of the products at any time - whether online under or in your preferred LLOYD Concept Store.

Within your customer account, you can view the history of the items you have purchased online and in-store.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal customer account and password, and limiting access to your computer and mobile devices. You are responsible and liable for all activities that take place in the name of your account or password as a result of your negligence. You shall be obliged to undertake all the necessary steps to ensure that password is kept securely and treated in confidence, and inform LLOYD immediately (using if you have reason to assume that your password has been forwarded to someone else or if the password has been or could be used without your authorisation.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one via the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY website. You will receive your new password from LLOYD, which is sent to the last e-mail address that you have indicated to LLOYD.


After registering for the customer loyalty programme, each member receives a personal RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY customer card. The card is personalised and may not be transferred to a third party.

You are obliged to report any loss of the card immediately. LLOYD is not liable for any damage caused by failure to report or late reporting. After reporting a loss, you may receive a new customer card free of charge and on demand.

The Shoe Points bonus programme

With each purchase, you collect bonus points (below: “Shoe Points”) in our directly operated LLOYD Concept Stores, the LLOYD Online Store and in the LLOYD Factory Outlets in Germany. The Shoe Points bonus programme is a voluntary service provided by LLOYD.

In order to be awarded Shoe Points, the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY customer number or customer card must be recorded before the invoice is produced or the cash is collected at the till. After the invoice has been produced or the cash collection has been completed, the purchase may unfortunately no longer be taken into account with regard to the membership benefits for technical reasons.

For every euro spent, you receive one Shoe Point. As soon as you have collected 250 Shoe Points,10 euros will be credited to your customer account. The credit will be paid out twice a year at the start of the season - until 31 March / until 30 September - in the form of a voucher, which can be redeemed either online or in-store. Every voucher is sent together with the LLOYD magazine - by post or e-mail - and has a period of validity of three months from the date of issue.

The disbursement of the Shoe Points in the form of vouchers is subject to the following conditions. A minimum credit of 250 Shoe Points is awarded a 10-euro voucher. For every additional 250 Shoe Points collected, the member receives an additional 10 euros credit, whereby the payout limit is for 3,000 Shoe Points (equalling a maximum voucher limit of 120 euros).

Shoe Points below the first payout threshold, between the levels or above the payout limit, remain on the customer account and are taken into account for the payout in the following season. All Shoe Points collected have a period of validity of three years from the end of the calendar year in which they are collected. The current Shoe Points account status can be retrieved at any time via your personal RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY customer account. There, you will also be informed about the forthcoming payout date.

Shoe Points cannot be swapped for other products, and in particular, cash payment in lieu of Shoe Points is excluded. Please note that you will not be credited Shoe Points when you purchase a gift card.

If a contract is withdrawn, you have no claim to the consideration of the purchase with regard to membership benefits.

4 Termination and cessation of membership

You may terminate your membership of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY at any time in writing – by letter or by e-mail - via the contact options given in Item 5, without any notification period required.

LLOYD may terminate your membership of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY with a notification period of 30 days. The right to terminate for good cause remains unaffected.

In the case of an ordinary termination either by you or LLOYD, you shall receive a purchase voucher at the value of the Shoe Points you have collected.


If you wish to make contact with us in person, you can use one of the following options:

By post:

LLOYD Shoes GmbH
Red Stripe Club Germany
Hans-Hermann-Meyer-Str. 1
27232 Sulingen

By e-mail:

By telephone (Mon-Fri, 8am - 6pm):

00800 - 1888 0000 free of charge

6 Data protection

You can consult our RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY data protection statement at any time under

7 Closing provisions

LLOYD retains the right to change RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY services that are provided voluntarily and the membership conditions on which they are based with effect for the future. We will inform you in advance of any possible changes, by letter or e-mail, and notify you of your right to object and of the consequences of refraining from an objection described below.

If you object, you may continue your membership on the basis of the conditions that have applied to date. If no objection is submitted within 6 weeks following receipt of our message, the changed conditions are deemed as being accepted. In this case, we retain the right to terminate your membership in an orderly way.

Your membership of the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY and the membership conditions on which itis based are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Download the RED STRIPE CLUB GERMANY Membership conditions as a PDF