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The LLOYD philosophy
People at the heart of sustainable business practices

“We put people at the heart of everything we do. After all, it is people who we want to get excited about our products,” says Andreas Schaller, LLOYD Managing Director for Marketing, Sales and Retail.


It’s our love for detail that we show in our manufacture of the highest quality shoes with which the company, in its more than 130-year history, has been convincing people. At LLOYD, first-class craftsmanship, select materials, excellent fits and design have the highest priority. That’s why our maxim has been from the very beginning: “When it comes to style, there are no compromises.” This continues to hold true even today.

LLOYD is convinced that sustainable business practices, precisely in times of our relentlessly and rapidly changing economy, are an essential requirement for a long-term, successful strategy – true to the motto: With one foot on tradition, and the other on the path to the future. It is people who drive the company forward to continually develop, improve and face new challenges. Our employees, suppliers, partners, clients and consumers – we have all of them to sincerely thank for the successful, traditional-rich company we are today. 


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