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      Whether it’s summer or winter, impregnate your shoes before the first wear and then regularly afterwards (after about every tenth wear; more frequently in the case of bad weather or regular wear), to ensure sustainable material protection against wet and soiling.

      TIP: Impregnate your shoe easily and repeatedly with an impregnating spray or foam. Soaking the shoe should be avoided.

      2. PUTTING ON

      Open the laces of the shoe as wide as possible. Always pull the shoe on using a shoe horn.

      3. TAKING OFF

      Open the laces of the shoe as wide as possible; then you can take the shoe off easily.


      When you have just taken off the shoe, stretch it using the appropriate wooden shoe tree for the shoe shape. The shoe tree will retain the shape of your shoe, smooth creases from wear and makes further care easier for you.

      TIP: Use shoe trees made of cedar wood, as they can absorb moisture the best. The essential oils of the wood also act like a shoe deodorant. Avoid using plastic shoe trees.

      5. BREAK IN WEAR

      Give your shoes a break in wear of at least 24 hours.

      TIP: The shoes can “breathe” best if they are stretched with wooden shoe trees and lying on their side.

      6. DAMP SHOES

      Whether you have just taken them off or they are damp: your shoes should dry at room temperature and never on the radiator. This preserves the leather and prevents fast ageing of the material. Wait until the shoe is dry before cleaning and care.

      TIP: Stretch your shoes with wooden shoe trees and avoid using newspaper. That way your shoes will remain in optimum shape.

      7. CLEANING

      After drying, first of all clean your shoes with a brush to remove loose dust and dirt. Then use a cleaning or care foam, for example, to remove soiling.


      Shoes that are worn very frequently should be cleaned, nourished and impregnated once a week. Only use highquality material-appropriate cleaning and care products from a specialist shop. These will nourish and protect the material – for a long lifespan.


      You can extend the lifespan of your shoes and save costs if you have your shoes resoled or have new heels put on in good time.

      TIP: With leather soles extra impregnation helps to prevent moisture penetration and contributes to extending their lifespan.

      10. MATERIALS

      Different materials require different care products. Shoe fashion is always bringing out new processes and materials, for which the appropriate high-quality care products are also produced. Our employees in the LLOYD Concept Stores and in the specialist shops will be happy to advise you.