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The history of LLOYD
A history of being a step ahead

Many steps, continually new paths and key milestones – the history of LLOYD at a glance.

In LLOYD production, each product if finished to perfection – since 1888. 


The chronology of LLOYD

1888 H. F. Meyer establishes the H. F.-Meyer-Schuhfabrik in Bremen, Germany, thus laying the foundation for the LLOYD brand and making his personal dream come true.

1905 On 30 May 1905, a new brand is registered in Germany: LLOYD, with the brand number 81842.

1925 LLOYD protects its name with an established and registered word and design mark.

1927 The entire company is renamed LLOYD.

1942 LLOYD starts the successful production of the brand in Sulingen, Germany – and has been committed to this location to date.

1949 In Cologne, Germany, the first shoe exhibition following the major currency reform in the country is a huge success.

1968 The red stripe is introduced at LLOYD, which today continues to be a distinctive mark for special shoes and perfection in craftsmanship. With the red stripe, LLOYD is one of the first shoe manufacturers to place their mark directly on the product.

1968 LLOYD is the official outfitter of the German Olympic team for the first time. It is the start of a successful collaboration between LLOYD and Olympia, one which will recur often in the years to follow.

1969 LLOYD launches one of the first “he and she” programmes. The twin shoes carry the names Romeo and Juliet.

1976 Development of the production location on Malta, after the production site in Sulingen was significantly expanded years before.

1978 LLOYD wins the highest fashion award at the time in Italy: the Shoe Oscar.

1983 Things get sporty at LLOYD. Thanks to the sneaker boom, leisure-time shoes such as LLOYD’s legendary Rockys are produced. The LLOYD sport shoe segment is created and becomes a standard part of the shoe line-up.

1992 LLOYD unites the old company grounds with new ones. The recently acquired, 6,000 square metre property offers the optimal conditions for the construction of the new factory.

1998 The construction of the new building is completed and a new production line is started up there for the first time.

2000 The first LLOYD Concept Store is opened by a years-long customer in Melbourne. Since the year 2000, LLOYD has been operating the “Shoe factory of the future” in the company’s hometown of Sulingen. It’s a concept which became a showpiece for the brand within the scope of the Expo.

2001 After nearly 30 years, LLOYD includes a women’s shoe collection in its line-up.

2004 The first LLOYD accessories collection hits the market.

2007 In Fashion Street in Budapest, LLOYD opens its own concept store. A line of company-owned shops have opened up since then, for instance in Antwerp. There are concrete plans for other locations.

2008 LLOYD exports its products in over 40 countries and, in the premium business shoe segment, is market leader in many countries. The 48 LLOYD Concept Stores underscore the brand’s high standard worldwide to further expand this position and develop it to become even more successful.  

2008 The 120­-year anniversary, combined with the 40th birthday of the red stripe, is celebrated as an intermediate step towards a successful future.

2010 In the financial year 2010, the company records roughly 1,200 employees and a consolidated record-breaking sales of around 105.8 million euros.

2011 The company continues to set its sights on expansion, particularly in Germany, with the opening of additional LLOYD Concept Stores. In the middle of the year, there are 20 LLOYD Concept Store locations in Germany, with 15 operated by the company and five by partners. An ongoing positive development in sales is forecast for the financial year.

2013 LLOYD celebrates its 125th anniversary. An important milestone in this special year is marked by the start-up of the new logistics centre. With an investment of over 6.5 million euros, this shows a clear commitment to the company’s northern Germany headquarters and the Sulingen production site. 

2018 LLOYD is celebrating nationally and internationally the 50 years anniversary of the trademark, the Red Stripe in the heel, with various activities like a big lottery and and an exclusive special edition.


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